We all are photographers. I made a sculpture and then I de- cided I wanted to do sculptures because I wouldn’t have to care about them afterwards. I thought why not make docu- mentation of the main impersonation of the work. Then I found myself in a discourse about photography dying and my work is apparently proving that you cannot trust pho- tography anymore because it is becoming digital. I was never really interested in that because that isn’t what I started with. I find it to be a very trivial thought, that photography could lie. We all know that it can lie; it depends on what you photograph or who photographs it. That is when I started making films, because I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as the photographer who faked the “thing.” Then it went on and what happened is, in- stead of photography dying, everyone now knows – more than ever – how photography works. Now everyone has a camera in their phone. The importance of the image as we know it, and how we can use it, is so much more ubiqui- tous than it ever was before. Interview with Thomas Demand: Demannd’s Way | Musee (via photographsonthebrain)

(via photographsonthebrain)

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Ecstatic I now own a Hasselblad 

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